Honed Block Walls  

Kartin Concrete Solutions Ltd specialised in onsite block honing.

The work honing refers to the grinding process which removes 3-5mm from the faces of the block to expose the agregates within the block.

The block work is then coated to seal and protect the surface.

There are a wide variety of sealants and sealers used to protect or seal masonary ranging from solvent based sealents which give a darker wetter appearance through to the water based sealer systems, such as the Sto system which is backed with a 5 year water proofing guarantee.

Pre-honed block walls  

Although pre-honed blocks can be purchased and sealed by us later, most builders and blocklayers are finding that block work that is honed and sealed onsite has superior advantages.  

It is considerably more cost effective and also gives a sharper appearance.

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